Announcing an Exciting Hiring Initiative!

Announcing an Exciting Hiring Initiative!

The more success we have with our peer-to-peer campaigns, the greater the Universal Events reputation. Then as word spreads about our on-the-ground outreach expertise, we enjoy rising demand for our services. In turn, we grow and develop our team.

With all this in mind, we’re currently holding interviews to accommodate our rapid expansion. When hiring new team members, we look for candidates who have done their research about Universal Events and ask thoughtful questions regarding our operations. Here are some examples:

• Big-Picture Goals: When someone asks how the position in question contributes to the firm’s mission, we know he or she has potential. Such an inquiry demonstrates the type of long-term thinking we value.

• Measurement of Success: It’s also great to know that our team members are eager to perform with excellence. Interviewees who clarify expectations and ask about our means of assessing achievement tend to fit in well here.

• Career Development: A student mind-set is a must in our fast-changing field. We’re impressed by candidates who understand this fact and aspire to stay ahead of the game. They want to learn all about our training options, as well as the coaching and travel events for which we’re known.

Our ideal candidates are engaging and passionate about their success. They are professionals and conduct themselves as such. To learn more about the opportunities we offer, like Universal Events on Facebook.