The Benefits of a Commitment to Developing Talent

The Benefits of a Commitment to Developing Talent

Our commitment to training and coaching sets us apart from other firms in our field. Our Universal Events learning system ensures that new team members have access to all the knowledge and support they need to thrive in this – or any other – industry. Once someone has made it through our interview process and been offered a place with us, we’re dedicated to helping him or her achieve their full potential.

We approach education with respect to the range of learning styles that our event managers bring to the table. Not only do we provide traditional classroom settings, but we immerse novice team members into ongoing projects to introduce them to every facet of our business.

We concern ourselves with more than job skills. Our curriculum covers leadership traits like goal setting, networking, and clear communication.

Another perk of our Universal Events focus on development is that we assign people who join our team to an experienced coach from day one. This one-to-one guidance makes it easier to move forward in our career journeys, as we gain from the practical, hands-on training that our coaches offer.

We believe that the best way to build a successful company is to give our team members the training and support they need to succeed. Find out more about our loyalty to comprehensive development by liking Universal Events on Facebook.