Ellie Promoted to Management Position

Ellie Promoted to Management Position

We’re always on promotion alert around the Universal Events office, ready to highlight our standout event managers at a moment’s notice. Ellie is the most recent member of our team to reach a new career level, having been promoted to management to open a new office. Harmony, our firm’s CEO, explained that Ellie has been on fire lately, and that we’re all excited to see what she can accomplish in her new role.

Ellie is a fine example of what can be achieved in our supportive work atmosphere. She sets clear goals that allow her to measure her progress and make adjustments as needed. Through the honest feedback we encourage throughout Universal Events HQ, Ellie perfects her methods to turn her ambitious objectives into realities.

We also emphasize ongoing improvement in our workspace, and Ellie has been a devoted learner since her first days with our company. Through internal training programs, travel to industry events, and cross-training at other top-performing offices, Ellie has made consistent gains throughout her career. She continues to build on her impressive skill set, which will serve her well as she hones her leadership abilities in her new office.

Harmony believes people are more engaged in their work when leaders are invested in professional growth. When standouts like Ellie take advantage of our firm’s developmental efforts, everyone else is inspired to do the same.

Ellie is sure to achieve big things in her new role. Follow Universal Events on Twitter to stay up to date with all our top performers.