Press Release: Universal Events, Inc. Attends Leadership Conference

Press Release: Universal Events, Inc. Attends Leadership Conference

Pleasanton, CA – Harmony H., the director of operations at Universal Event, Inc. announced that her team attended a prestigious leadership conference and described the benefits of attendance.

My colleagues at Universal Events, Inc. and I attended a huge leadership conference at the South San Francisco Conference Center,” reported Harmony. “Our team had the opportunity to network with other top business leaders and to gain better knowledge about clients, campaigns and best business practices.“

According to Harmony, the team learned a lot from the experience that will inform overall performance. This included topics such as strategic planning, consumer behavior, and market research. “Everyone returned to the office more confident in our leadership abilities, and we are more motivated to end the year on a strong note,” she said.

Universal Events, Inc.’s Director of Operations Identifies Benefits of Attending Leadership Events

As Harmony discussed the influence of the leadership conference on life at Universal Events, Inc., she identified several benefits to these events in general. For instance, she noted the abundance of networking opportunities they offer. There is no shortage of new people and new ideas, which are especially helpful when grappling with business challenges. “Outside perspectives stimulate thinking, and provide suggestions that we may not have considered otherwise,” she stated. Read the Full Press Release Here