Public Speaking Skills Fuel Success

Public Speaking Skills Fuel Success

Through our experiences training members of Team Universal Events, we’ve found that being able to speak with confidence and command a room are essential skills for successful business leaders. That’s why we focus on presenting in our initial and ongoing development efforts. These are a few of the basic concepts we emphasize as we train our people to become effective speakers:

• Be Aware of Body Language: Projecting confidence from behind the podium requires several key ingredients, with body language near the top of the list. We remind our event managers to stand tall and straight while using appropriate hand gestures to stress key points. An assured visual presence is a big part of being memorable to audience members.

• Tell a Story: Putting remarks into narrative form is always a good idea. Even a brief anecdote at the beginning of a speech can be enough to bring listeners over to our side. We try to weave our entire speeches into compelling stories whenever possible.

• Remind Audience of Main Points: There’s a familiar refrain when it comes to public speaking advice – you tell them what you’re going to say, say it, and then remind them of what you said. We use this strategy during our Universal Events presentations to ensure that our main messages are heard loud and clear.

We’re big believers in the value of public speaking proficiency.