How to Rock Team Building and Build a Strong Culture

How to Rock Team Building and Build a Strong Culture

There’s one area in which any company is sure to see a return on investment and that’s team building. As we’ve learned in our Universal Events office, spending time together has a profound impact on all that we do to deliver results for our partners.

“When you’re in the business of raising awareness for a good cause, you need to surround yourself with people who share your passion and drive,” explained Harmony, Universal Events’ CEO. “We’ve found that activities which allow us to gather away from the office tend to be more effective as we see each other in a different light.”

We’re a bit competitive as individuals and as a team, so many of our events are centered on some sort of sport or game. “We’ve had bowling parties and game nights where we can let loose and laugh,” said Harmony. “We all vie for the top score and can challenge each other, so everyone brings their A-game.”

When we’re back in the office, the relationships we’ve formed benefit our collaboration and innovation. “By learning more about each other, we can tailor our communication strategies to help each other deliver their best,” Harmony noted. “This approach translates into better quality results across the board.”

When our team is thriving, our culture is strong. Follow Universal Events on Twitter to learn more about our team-building activities.