Training and Mentorship Pave a Path to Success

Training and Mentorship Pave a Path to Success

One of the cornerstones of our success is our Universal Events training program. We provide access to all the knowledge and skills a person needs to succeed in our industry, and we do it with a multitude of learning styles in mind. Workshops, seminars, and even retreats are parts of our learning system, but most importantly we are committed to personal mentorship.

Our leaders know how important it is to be involved with our new team members. They are always available for a chat, or a teaching moment. Just as importantly, our novice associates feel more confident about their Universal Events careers, knowing that they have coaches in their corners that they can bounce ideas off of and rely on for guidance.

By connecting inexperienced executives with seasoned veterans, we also reinforce one of our company values: collaboration. People are prepared to work with other team members to achieve worthwhile goals because they’ve been introduced to the concept of cooperative effort from their first days with our team through mentorship.

What’s more, it’s an effective system; people experience success more quickly with coaching and move through the stages of their careers more rapidly as a result. We can think of no better way to promote our unified ethos than by showing new people just how well being part of a team can work for them.

One of our top priorities is helping our team members achieve their personal and professional potential, and mentorship is one of our most powerful tools for this purpose. Like Universal Events on Facebook to learn more.