Universal Events, Inc. Defines Strategies That Guarantee Better Client Retention

Universal Events, Inc. Defines Strategies That Guarantee Better Client Retention

As part of our consulting services at Universal Events, Inc., we often discuss matters of customer acquisition with our clients. We’ve noticed that many businesses focus mostly on acquisition, even though it costs them exponentially more than a focus on retention. We consistently encourage them to consider otherwise, and we suggest that you do the same as well. Here are some strategies for improving client retention at your company:  

  • Get to Know Them: Your audience craves meaningful relationships. Familiarize yourself with their personalities, habits, likes, and dislikes. Allow them to get to know you as well, and you are effectively fostering the type of connections that generate loyalty.


  • Ask for Feedback: If you want to know what will make your audience stick around, simply ask. Develop a standardized feedback system, such as a survey, to learn about opinions and suggestions. You can make improvements based on their advice, and consumers will feel valued knowing that they have input.


  • Be Nice: This goes without saying, but the real takeaway is that you should be nice unexpectedly. Random follow-up calls and gifts around the holidays are nice, but they are even more meaningful when there is no reason – or ulterior motive – for them at all.

  What these suggestions most have in common is their element of proactivity. Another similar option, for instance, includes trying to anticipate problems before they occur by checking in with clients regularly. This, along with being nice, asking for feedback, and getting you know your audience, are effective options for increasing retention. We at Universal Events, Inc. wish you the best of luck!