Universal Events, Inc Discusses the Importance of a Powerful Presence

Universal Events, Inc Discusses the Importance of a Powerful Presence

There are many characteristics that a great leader must have, and one of them is the right kind of presence. The ability to command respect and encourage the best efforts of those around them is, according to Paula Costa Bravo of the Hershey Company, “…all about mastering the intangibles and establishing an executive presence.” Here are her strategies for developing a commanding air of authority.

First, she directs you to own the room. Do this through non-verbal communication like posture and the timing of your stride without ever speaking a word. Also, make eye contact and greet people with enthusiasm and a genuine smile.

Next, she says you have to be concerned with your appearance. If you look tired and your clothes are always wrinkled, you’re sending a message that you are so overwhelmed you can’t sleep or be bothered to iron. Some studies go so far as to suggest that the way you dress determines not only how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself.

Once you have gained control of the presence you convey, Bravo believes you are more than halfway to achieving the results you desire. After that, success is a matter of backing up your poise with quality work and communication.

No matter who you are or what occupational level you currently occupy, developing and maintaining an executive presence are vital steps toward advancing your career. Use this advice from Paula Costa Bravo to make the most of the intangible skill required of leaders to become a trailblazer in your organization.