Universal Events Shares Our System of Three Productivity-Enhancing Lists

Universal Events Shares Our System of Three Productivity-Enhancing Lists

At Universal Events, we are always seeking different ways to improve our productivity. We recently came across a system of three lists that is extremely effective at maximizing our utilization of time. It is a simple approach, and it is particularly useful for business leaders; however, anyone can use it (or a slightly adapted version).  

  • To-Do: This is the most traditional productivity-related list. Most of us maintain running lists of the various tasks we need to complete. However, we have one twist on the original that we break into two sections: a general to-do and things we are currently trying to accomplish. The latter should be limited to only a few tasks.


  • Outsource List: This is a record of all of the outsourcing resources available to you. Include every option you have, and organize it by service type. It’s a great way to streamline your workflow and increase capacity during critical times. As with the to-do list, be sure to update your outsourcing possibilities regularly.


  • To-Become: The final list is a little more abstract than the other two, but still extremely important. It is a description of what you hope to become in the future. It is important to keep track of long-term goals both quantifiably and qualitatively. This list will guide you as you fulfill your future aspirations.

  Using this system, we’ve gotten more done and realized more of our goals at Universal Events. While this specific set of lists may not work for you, we are sure that an adaptation of them can be beneficial to any professional.