Universal Events Lists Six Books That Are Must-Reads for Any Leader

Universal Events Lists Six Books That Are Must-Reads for Any Leader

At Universal Events, we know that reading is essential to the success of any leader. Therefore, we are always looking for new must-reads on the subject. Sometimes these are recently written, while others are classics we just discovered. Here are six of the best books on leadership that we have found over the past few months:  

  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: Our first book comes from antiquity. This memoir and journal was written by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. He used the page as a way to remind himself of his principles and past teachings.


  • Mastery by Robert Greene: In this book, Greene examines the stories of many of history’s most accomplished individuals. He helps readers understand how people become masters of their fields.


  • Daring Greatly by Brené Brown: Dr. Brown focuses on vulnerability and how that can be used to foster connections, innovation, relationships, and more.


  • Linchpin by Seth Godin: Godin explains how one can become an essential figure in an organization. He also explores how this approach is more relevant today than it was in the past.


  • inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig: inGenius is an examination of how to foster creativity in individuals and as an organization.


  • Lying by Sam Harris: This ironically named book is all about trust, how important it is to an organization, and how to prevent dishonesty.

  At Universal Events, we believe that reading is leading. Use this list of must-reads to improve your leadership abilities. Then share them with your colleagues, so they may benefit as well.