Universal Events Inc. serves as a Fundraising Counsel for our partner organizations. A Fundraising Counsel works alongside charities to manage and organize fundraising campaigns and assist with fundraising efforts, but does no actual fundraising itself. We act on our partners’ behalf to plan and execute incredible events and organize fundraising campaigns using proven and effective methods. We develop marketing strategies that deliver transformative brand awareness, boosting our partner’s messages and missions while giving our staff the chance to engage with meaningful issues and impact positive change.

As a Nonprofit partner, we internalize the same goals that drive them to do the important work they do. We work hard to address some of the most pressing issues in our society, including suicide, violence against the vulnerable, drug and alcohol abuse, and anti-bullying efforts. We provide the fuel to keep these vital campaigns running, and we couldn’t be prouder of the gains we’ve made on behalf of our partners.

Please reach out to us today to shift your strategies into overdrive. We promise to give everything we have to bring awareness to your cause and change the world a little at a time by working together around the issues that matter most.

Let’s get started!

Universal Events Inc. is a member of the Association of Professional Fundraisers (AFP), an organization dedicated to upholding positive practices through education, research, and advocacy. We are proud to prioritize a culture of ethical fundraising in partnership with the AFP.

Our Clients Are Diverse

Universal Events works with some of the largest nonprofits in the country, as well as many smaller grassroots organizations. With every organization we partner with, our trusted process consistently delivers results.

Identify Opportunity

We know how to identify your organization’s unique untapped demographics. We will collect insight, data, and other information to build our strategy.


Crafting strategies to maximize growth is what we do best. With our expertise ranging from marketing and business to science and design, we have every aspect covered to create your unique action plan.


It is time to put the plan to action! We will deploy our interactive advertising techniques to communicate strategically with consumers to generate impressive bottom-line outcomes.

Universal Events’ approach produces real, undeniably impactful results for our partners. With our methods we are able to effectively grow charities, increase donorship, and spread awareness for our clients… and we can grow your organization, too.

Charities We Support

We champion charities dedicated to preventing school violence, fostering positive school curricula, empowering underprivileged individuals, and promoting drug prevention, as well as supporting the homeless and many other incredible charities. These organizations are the driving force behind safe schools, quality education, social empowerment, and drug-free communities. We work together to create safer, more inclusive environments, educational opportunities, and healthier communities for all.

Making A Lasting Impact

We proudly spotlight charities dedicated to anti-bullying and suicide prevention. In a world where bullying and mental health challenges can be devastating, these organizations offer hope and support. With unwavering commitment, they promote compassion and understanding through resources, counseling, and education, making a difference in countless lives!