The Core Objective of Universal Events

Universal Events captures the attention of socially conscious individuals, spreading the word about work that’s making our communities stronger and sparking change in the world.

We take our work seriously. We love that our promotions make a big impact. Our passion gives us energy to help to make the world a better place. By being the on-the-ground presence for important causes, we ensure that people are empowered to make a positive impact.

Our interactive outreach initiatives allow us to forge lasting bonds with likeminded individuals, earning their trust and support. Our work strengthens the missions of ethical businesses and nonprofit organizations, ensuring that communities thrive.

The Guiding Principles of Universal Events

At Universal Events, we are paving the way for the world to be better. By lending our voices to great causes, we bring the social good movement to life beyond the Internet. Using person-to-person interaction, we build rapport with receptive audiences and spread the message of positive social change. We extend influence with every connection we make.

Our Focus

Learning Mind-Set

At Universal Events, we know better than to rest on our laurels. The world is in constant motion, and nothing stays the same for long. That’s why we’re always learning and growing, keeping tabs on the latest social change trends and fundraising practices.

Collaborative Effort

Our work ethic is second to none, with associates who provide promotional services that drive results. When we work together, we never fail to get noticed.

Community Giving

We’re ambitious, with a clear vision of a vibrant and healthier community. Every aspect of our work is aimed toward the collective goal of bringing greater success to social ventures and charitable agencies. Their work helps people flourish and communities thrive.


We don’t do anything halfway. With a high level of passion, our team members contribute a wide range of talents to our promotions. From marketing and business to science and design, we have every aspect covered. We’re proud of the great work our people contribute.

All-Around Impact

Be part of our efforts to raise community awareness and propel lasting change.