We leverage our collective voice to promote positive movements in our communities.

Who we serve

Our work at Universal Events aims to help take on the administrative, fundraising and marketing elements for nonprofit organizations so they can fully focus on their programs. We focus on educating the public on these organizations in order to increase monthly donorship and brand awareness.

Our Reason

We choose to work with charities because we are passionate about the importance of building a better and safer world for future generations. Now more than ever, we have the ability and the responsibility to make the world a more hopeful, healthy and peaceful place. We believe every single person has the power to change the world — even in the smallest ways. But when our Universal Events team comes together, we can make a major positive impact.

Our Success

Our success is enabled by the efficiency of our leadership. Universal Eventโ€™s owner has been in the business for over 20 years and has worked with an extensive and diverse group of portfolios over the years. We are confident in the work we do to guide others to success.

Universal Events’ Values

Helping amplify the voices of social change

Bringing awareness to organizations that aim to spark change in the world

We value dependable and innovative outreach that centers positivity

Fostering a team of passionate, positive change seekers

Strategy that centers actionable positive change

Thoughtful leadership that looks to the future

Find out why the biggest nonprofits in the country partner with Universal Events to grow their organizations!