Harmony Vallejo is president and CEO of Universal Events Inc., providing communications and branding support to nonprofits and ethical businesses.

Harmony has always had a desire to use her time to make a positive difference. Now, she’s living up to that mission by providing support to nonprofits and ethical businesses through Universal Events Inc.

She earned much of her experience in communications and marketing two decades ago at WYTV, a Western Youngtown tv station. She also bolstered her experience working at Winners Advertising, developing her natural talent for branding and marketing.

Harmony earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from Youngstown State University, where she worked for her school’s newspaper and played varsity volleyball. Her academic background provided her with the groundwork to launch her career in nonprofit administration.

Harmony went on to found Universal Events Inc., challenging herself to see if she could use her years of experience to provide a much-needed service to nonprofits and ethical businesses. Universal Events focuses on its mission of strengthening the bond between nonprofits and ethical businesses and their communities.

Leading a team of passionate social media, communications, copywriting, accounting, and administrative experts is a vital part of what has made Universal Events successful.

Harmony Vallejo and her team also regularly provide support to local and international nonprofits through philanthropic efforts, whether that be by donation or volunteering time and resources to nonprofits. When she isn’t working to support these local and international nonprofits, Harmony writes articles and guides to help these organizations with practical, step-by-step methods to harness the power of social media, manage compliance forms, and succeed in their missions.