We’re Expanding Our Operations to Meet Increased Demand

We’re Expanding Our Operations to Meet Increased Demand

While we’re all about celebrating our successes, we try not to rest on our laurels for too long. Staying relevant in the digital age requires us to focus on the future. Consumer demands evolve and Team Universal Events is determined to keep pace at the front of the curve and continue providing excellent service to the companies in our portfolio.

In order to make this goal a reality we are expanding the scope of our firm in the coming year. We need to fill a number of key roles to support our growth and are looking for the right people to join our team. While work history and education do factor in to our hiring decisions, we place greater emphasis on soft skills like work ethic, grit, and people skills.

This is due to the thorough nature of our Universal Events training. Through one-to-one coaching, seminars, and workshops, we ensure full knowledge transfer. In fact, we call our learning system the Young Entrepreneur Program because it goes beyond job skills to teach men and women to think like business owners.

We rotate team members through every aspect of our operation so they can see how each department fits into the big picture and learn the abilities required to thrive in each position. Our ultimate training goal is to prepare team members to run an office of their own one day, and allowing them to work their way forward from entry-level to management and beyond gives them a complete understanding of our industry and how to succeed in it.

If you’re considering a career change in 2019, look no further. Follow Universal Events on Twitter to learn more about the openings available.