LEAD Conference Teaches Us About a Worthy Cause

LEAD Conference Teaches Us About a Worthy Cause

Recently, Universal Events was represented by some of our top people at the LEAD Conference, where we learned more about a change agent we represent and what more we can do to support them as they create healthier neighborhoods across the country.

LEAD is an acronym for Law Enforcement Against Drugs, and Team Universal Events couldn’t be more proud to partner with this nonprofit. They’re a group of police officers (in fact, they’re the only law enforcement nonprofit of their kind) who are passionate about protecting youth and the places they live from the spread of drugs, drug-related crimes, all types of bullying, and violence.

Recently, in national news, LEAD participated in a White House press conference with some of the U.S.’ most well-known leaders, including the Vice President. To support local needs, they also sponsored a clothing drive in Mansfield, New Jersey. In other words, this is a cause that’s worth supporting, and we’re prepared to give our all to help LEAD continue to do their good work.

Travel plays a major role in our Universal Events operations. We take trips throughout the year to explore new areas for expansion, cross-train at other offices, or learn from industry leaders at weekend events. Events like the LEAD Conference really bring us up-to-date on our partners.

Supporting worthy causes, making the world a better place, and building careers as well – we really are living the dream. Follow Universal Events on Twitter to find out more about LEAD and the other nonprofits we support.