A Remarkable Networking Opportunity

A Remarkable Networking Opportunity

There are many reasons for the excitement being felt around Universal Events HQ. Our ambitious growth goals for 2019 have certainly created a buzz, but we’re also looking forward to an especially rewarding travel event. Harmony, our firm’s CEO, explained that the upcoming partners vacation will be a great chance for learning and networking.

The vacation is still being planned, but it’s sure to provide an array of benefits for those chosen to attend. There will be a wide range of successful people making this trip, so the knowledge transfer promises to be something special. Our team members will be able to gain fresh insights that will challenge their thinking and inspire them to streamline their approaches.

Of course, our selected event managers will also be able to expand their networks during this prestigious travel event. Networking is a focal point of our training program, so our team members are well equipped to come back to the Universal Events office with a list of helpful new contacts.

Strong elevator pitches are key elements of our networking approach. Our team members are taught to craft concise and compelling opening statements when they meet top leaders at industry events. They’re also sure to offer something of value to potential contacts. Something as simple as a book suggestion is enough to set up a strong bond.

The partners vacation should be a memorable occasion for our chosen event managers. Follow Universal Events on Twitter for updates on this exciting trip.